Black Rock
"Pu'u Keka'a"
This large, black lava rock
divides Ka'anapali Beach in
half. Snorkeling around the
rock is legendary. The rock is
almost completely encrusted
in coral with a large
assortment of fish and sea
turtles to make the
experience memorable.
Hawaiian legend states that
the spirits of warriors left the
earth to meet their ancestors
by leaping from this rock.    
Take Highway 30 toward
Ka'anapali. Turn left onto
Ka'anapali Parkway at Mile
Marker #24. Follow the road
to the Sheraton resort.
Beach access is between
the Sheraton and the
Ka'anapali Beach Hotel.
Useful Information:
-Great sandy beach
-Terrific snorkeling and swimming· Use   
caution if swimming around the rock as   
strong currents are sometimes present   
at the point area