Hana Bay
Hana Bay has a large,
black sand beach which
is the result of lava
eroding and washing
into the ocean from a
nearby stream. This
area is well protected
and is usually a very
safe place to swim.
Hana Bay is a family
gathering place for local
residents on the weekend. It
is the perfect spot for picnics
and water activities such as
outrigger canoe races. You
can often see canoe clubs
practicing this ancient
Hawaiian sport in the late
afternoon. On the right side
of the bay is Hana Pier.
Take Highway 360
(Hana Highway) toward
Hana and bear to the left
onto Uakea just past
Mile Marker #34. Uakea
runs the length of Hana
Bay. You can return to
Highway 360 via Hauoli
near the end of Uakea.   
Useful Information:
-Picnic facilities and pavilion
-Snack bar
-No lifeguard
-Small boat harbor to the         
right of the beach