Mokule'ia Bay
Safety considerations
Waters should be avoided during winter months, when high surf is common.
Mokule‘ia Bay is southwest
of, and adjacent to,
Honolua. The beach at
Mokule‘ia, known locally as
Slaughterhouse (because
there once was a
slaughterhouse on the cliffs
above) is accessible along
a stairway down the cliffs.
Again, parking is found only
along the highway.
200 foot long, 73 step stairway
and observation platform has
been constructed to provide
public access to the Marine
Life Conservation District at
Mokuleia and Honolua Bay for
visitors and residents.    The
platform includes a
wheelchair accessible ramp to
serve the disabled through
the assistance of Kapalua
Land Company and Maui Land
and Pineapple Company, inc