Wainapanapa Black Sand Beach
"Honokalani Black Sand Beach"
Honokalani Black Sand
Beach is located in the
Wainapanapa State
Park. This unique beach
is set among black lava
cliffs and the sand is
actually small, smooth,
lava pebbles. A small
sea arch, sea caves,
and seaside lava tubes
are located in the beach
King's Highway, an
ancient Hawaiian
footpath, leads
along the coastline
for 3 miles to Hana.
Take Highway 360
toward Hana. One
mile beyond "Ula'ino
Road and the Hana
Airport, is the turnoff to
the Wainapanapa
State Park. Signs will
direct you to the black
sand beach.
Useful Information:
-Black sand beach
-Picnic facilities
snorkeling, diving
-Paved parking lot
-Seasonal high surf
-Hiking trails
-Camping area and     
cabins available
-Sea caves, sea arch