Honomanu Dark Sand Beach
Fresh water from the
Honomanu Stream
enters the ocean at
this bay beach. Due to
the wave action and
rip currents, the area is
not great from
swimming. However,
surfers can frequently
be seen catching the
waves here.
For a good view of
the area, continue
along the Hana
Highway past the
beach road to the
lookout on the
eastern side of the
Beautiful picture
of the bay just
past the beach
access road.
The dark sand,
clear water, and
the green
create a perfect
picnic area.   
Take Highway 360
toward Hana.
Honomanu Beach is
located just after the
Kaumahina State
Wayside Park. There
are two entrances to
the beach - one at
Mile Marker #13 and
one at Mile Marker
Useful Information:
-Dark sand beach
-Rocky shoreline
-Poor swimming,      fair
snorkeling         and diving
-Good surfing
-Occasional high      
-Strong rip current  
near the center of  
the bay