Ho'kipa Beach Park
"The Windsurfing Capital of the World"
This beach is known as
possibly the best place
in the world for
windsurfing. It is the site
of two major world-class
competitions. Due to the
strong surf, windsurfing
at this beach should be
limited to the experts.    
However, the beach
has an 1/8 mile coral
reef that makes a
pond-like area
perfect for taking a
dip. Above the beach
is an ancient
Hawaiian historical
Take Highway 36
east from Kahului
Airport and just past
Pa'ia. Ho'okipa
Beach is located
just before Mile
Marker #9.
Useful Information:
-Picnic facilities
-Sandy beach with rocky       
-Surfing is not allowed until   
after 11am
-Strong wind and currents
-Seasonal high surf
-Do not leave valuables in     
the car