LaPerouse Beach Sanctuary
Located in the 'Ahihi
Kina'u Natural Area
Reserve, this bay is
a protected area.
The entrance to the
water is very rocky
but the snorkeling
can be excellent
during calm seas.    
This area is covered
in rough lava from the
last eruption of
Haleakala in 1790.
Several trails inland
traverse the area.
King's Highway, an
ancient Hawaiian
footpath, continues
toward Cape
Hanamanioa from the
Take Wailea
Alauni Road
south past the
Maui Prince
Hotel. The road
becomes Makena
Road and ends at
La Perouse Bay
Useful Information:
-Some sand but mostly           
rocky shoreline
-Fair swimming
-Good snorkeling and diving
-No facilities
-Unpaved, small parking        
-Hiking trails through the       
lava flow inland
-Seasonal high surf