Mokapu and Ulua Beaches
These two beaches are
accessed by the same path -
the one on the right is
Mokapu which fronts the
Renaissance Wailea Beach
Resort. This beach was
named for an offshore island
and bird sanctuary that was
destroyed during WWII
artillery practice. The beach
on the left is Ulua and is the
most popular of the two. Ulua
was named one of the Top 10
Most Beautiful Beaches in
America by a University of
Maryland study. Both
beaches are equally good for
swimming with sandy
bottoms. Snorkeling and
diving in the area is fairly
good although the water is
sometimes cloudy. The area
around the rocky point at the
south end of Ulua is the best.
Take Highway 31 south
toward Wailea. Turn left on
Okalani just past Mile Marker
#10. Turn left on Wailea
Alami then right on the short
road toward the beach
parking that is south of the
Renaissance Wailea and
across the street from the
Wailea Blue Gold Course.
Useful Information:
-Sandy beach
-Swimming, snorkeling
and   diving
-Small, paved parking lot
-Occasional high surf