Kamaole I, II & III
Kama'ole I has the
largest and loveliest
beach of the three
with fine white sand
and great swimming
conditions. There's
even a grassy area
at the south end for
picnics and
Useful Information:
Kama'ole I
-Long, sandy beach
-Grassy area
-Good snorkeling around  
the rocky areas at end     
of the beach  
Kama'ole II is
located south of
Kama'ole I. This
beach is a little
smaller but has
a sandy beach
and good
Useful Information:
Kama'ole II

-Small sandy beach
-Good snorkeling
around       the rocky points
Kama'ole III is very
popular with the locals.
The waves here are
more consistent making
it a great place for
boogie boarding. The
sandy beach is much
smaller. A large grassy
area is perfect for kite
flying, picnics, and
Useful Information:
Kama'ole III

-Sandy beach
-More waves
-Stronger currents when       
the sea is not calm
-Small playground
-Large grassy area
Take Highway 31, Piilani Highway to Kihei. Between Mile
Markers #8 and 9, take either Kanani, Ke Alii Alanui or Keonekai
roads over to South Kihei Road. All three beaches are located
north of the Kihei Boat Launch.
Walk acrsoss the street from Kamaole Sands