Kalama Park & Cove Park
Kihei area, Maui, Hawaii.
Covering 36 acres, this large
park is quite popular among
local families. It features, in
addition to its many facilities,
beautiful views of Molokini
and Haleakala. The beach
here is small and little
visited, making Kalama much
better suited to a family
outing than a beach party.
Off of South Kihei Road, about
1/4 of a mile south of the Kihei
town center, Kihei.
Useful Information:
At the far southern end
of Kalama Park, is
another smaller park
area known as Cove
Park, where locals sail
miniature boats on the
-Mixture of sand and rock shoreline
-Picnic tables
-Barbecue facilities
-Volleyball courts
-Basketball courts
-Tennis courts,
-Baseball diamond,
-Soccer field