Honolua Bay Beach
Honolua Bay Beach is part of the
Mokuleia Marine Life Conservation
District. There is little sand beach
here so most water activities involve
snorkeling, scuba diving, and
surfing. However, the water
conditions vary dramatically
depending on ocean currents,
rainfall, and the season
As the area is a marine life
preserve, the fish are
numerous and the coral
formations are spectacular.
The right side of the bay
has the best snorkeling
and diving scenery.
Useful Information
-Small sandy beach with rocky shoreline
-Swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing
-Seasonal high surf
-No fishing or spearing of fishing allowed  
as this is a protected marine life                
-Summer has better visibility than winter
-Water is murky at the shoreline but           
improves as you go farther out
-Do not leave valuables in your car